The AQUON is an office chair that actively cools the occupant. Using our patented combination of thermoelectrics and thermosyphon technology the AQUON circulates chilled water through a sealed chamber in the back rest, thus cooling the body at its core. This makes the AQUON ideal for workers who do a combination of physical labor and desk work or anyone that desires to be cooler while sitting.

FLIR thermal image of the AQUON while in an office environment.

Anyone who has worked in an office knows that some people are burning up while others are freezing to death. The AQUON chair is the solution to this problem. Employers can now raise the temperature in the office, making people who run cold happy and save on A/C bills.

People who run hot can then use the AQUON to stay cool. Employees who have a comfortable work environment are happier, more productive and usually will work harder. Now you can make all of your employees happy with the AQUON!

Ergonomically designed, the AQUON is as comfortable as it is attractive, combining a high quality mesh fabric seat, back and head rest with padded arm rests.


The AQUON is recommended for intensive use 6–9 hours per day.


Adjustable back and head rest tilt allows you to move the angle to fit your body.


The AQUON's waterfall seat cushion slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on your legs.

Easy on the knees, the curved cushion is shaped to naturally fit the position of your legs while you work.


  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Innovative
  • Affordable

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